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Our R.Y.M.™ mentorship program that provides 1:1 + Group Coaching, empowering emerging victimized women + teen women of Domestic Violence, Recovering Drug Addiction & Mental Wellness to embrace self-love and are ready to take the courage to fulfill their life's purpose to live beyond their limited beliefs. Transforming one mind at a time..

From Fear to Fearless -- Trauma to Transformed

It Doesn't Matter How Many Times You Start Over .. Just Don't Quit

Women Holding Hands

S.O.S. is a Non-Profit Organization that aims to significantly decrease the risk of recidivism. Our program is designed to help women rebuild their lives after being released from prison or after being released from the mental prison of an abuser. We aim to treat everyone equally with respect, love and compassion using our personal experiences, gifts, talents & resources to improve the lives of others in the area of self-worth and the wealth of women around the world.




A Survivor is defined as a person who copes well with difficulties in their life. Stephanie Barnes is that extraordinary phenomenal woman and more. As a victim NOW Survivor of Domestic and Drug Abuse in addition to challenges with Depression, Stephanie has been able to exceed the epitome of where a person who has been in her shoes should be.

As an accomplished citizen that has now been clean from substance abuse for 30 years..

Our Vision For You

Is to get you to:

  • Become more aware of how you see yourself

  • Decrease stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • Learn how to help others without draining yourself

  • Feel effective and fulfilled at home and at work

  • Understand the core issues of self-esteem for long-term positive change

  • Use self-care as a tool to increase productivity, creativity, and quality of care

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Recipes for Success

Because feeling good and looking good go hand-in-hand, our R.Y.M. & S2S programs offer an holistic approach onto the journey of becoming a better version of yourself as you adopt an healthier way of thinking in order to achieve an successful way of living. Our programs also focuses on Team Development and Leadership styles.

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