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HELLO THERE! Let's get you scheduled for your FREE 30 Minute Consultation | Inquiry call. Please fill out this brief questionnaire so that we can discuss your responses when we speak.

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Types of Service(s) Requested. Please Check All That Apply:

Based on your selection, please provide a brief description in the space provided below of the area you're looking for support so that Steff can get a feel of how to better serve and/or support you. Feel free to share anything else we should know about you.

Based on your selection above, if you selected Speaker Services, please indicate a brief description of the type of speaker service is being requested, event location and date. Type N/A if not applicable.


PLEASE NOTE: Consultations | Inquiry's are held via phone while Sessions are held online in a Zoom meeting room or Google Mee. Once decided during your consultation which session is best for you, either Steff or someone from her team will personally contact you within 24-48 hours to get you started and set up with everything you need for your scheduled session(s). Rates are based on client needs and can be found under the "Services" page on our website. Please note, we keep a limited number of sliding scale spots, so please be mindful of your time slot(s) when booking for sessions.

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