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Reset Your Mind [R.Y.M.] is an mentorship program that provides 1:1 + Group Mentoring Coaching, empowering emerging victimized women + teen women of Domestic Violence, Recovering Drug Addiction & Mental Wellness to embrace self-love and are ready to take the courage to fulfill their life's purpose to live beyond their limited beliefs. Transforming one mind at a time..

From Fear to Fearless -- Trauma to Transformed

Women leaving prison and those who are victims of domestic violence face a multitude of challenges, including: finding and sustaining employment, family reunification, sustaining healthy relationships, and improving self-esteem.

The ReTHINK Possible program aims to significantly decrease the risk of recidivism. Our program is designed to help women rebuild their lives after being released from prison or after being released from mental prison of an abuser. Today, when women are released, most walk out the doors with nothing but the clothes on their backs and are expected to find housing, a job, and provide for their families. For many women, no transition or reentry services are available at all. At least one in four women will become homeless after release, and after being rejected by countless employers and landlords due to their criminal records, more than 70% will give up hope and re-offend. However, this statistic drops to less than 9% for people participating in reentry programs. The long term vision of RTP is to be the go-to resource for all women being released from incarceration in Maryland - providing access to basic needs like food, clothing, housing and medical care, and helping women rebuild their lives through supportive programming that focuses on job readiness, financial literacy, parenting, health and wellness and more.

We push our clients towards successful re-integration back into society, motivated and ready to work.


Our Vision For You

Become more aware of how you see yourself

  • Decrease stress and overwhelm

  • Help others without draining yourself

  • Feel effective and fulfilled at home and at work

  • Understand the core issues of self-esteem for long-term positive change

  • Use self-care as a tool to increase productivity, creativity, and quality of care

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1-On-1 & Group Coaching

R.Y.M. offers mentoring and advice that is tailored to help you reach your goals. We provide self-awareness support based on #MentalRESET and an holistic approach prevention to individuals as well as teams and organizations.

Our first session begins with a free 30 minute consultation which helps us to determine which program will be good for you. Sessions range from 5 weeks to 1 year depending on the program suited for the clients current progress.

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Recipes for Success

Because feeling good and looking good go hand-in-hand, our R.Y.M. program offers an holistic approach onto the journey of becoming a better of yourself as you adopt an healthier way of thinking in order to achieve an successful way of living. Our program also focuses on Team Development and Leadership styles.

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