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ReTHINK Possibility = R.T.P.

Our RTP program is performed through an 8-week program followed by six months of intensive personal coaching and life-long support. We help women achieve intentional transformation while providing self-awareness support based on #MentalRESET and an holistic approach prevention to individuals as well as teams and organizations.

Women leaving prison and those who are victims of domestic violence face a multitude of challenges, including: finding and sustaining employment, family reunification, sustaining healthy relationships, and improving self-esteem.

The ReTHINK Possible program aims to significantly decrease the risk of recidivism. Our program is designed to help women rebuild their lives after being released from prison or after being released from the mental prison of an abuser. Today, when women are released, most walk out of the doors with nothing but the clothes on their backs and are expected to find housing, a job, and provide for their families. For many women, no transition or reentry services are available at all. At least one in four women will become homeless after release, and after being rejected by countless employers and landlords due to their criminal records, more than 70% will give up hope and re-offend. However, this statistic drops to less than 9% for people participating in reentry programs. The long term vision of RTP is to be the go-to resource for all women being released from incarceration in Maryland - providing access to basic needs like food, clothing, housing and medical care, and helping women rebuild their lives through supportive programming that focuses on job readiness, financial literacy, parenting, health and wellness and more.

We push our clients towards successful re-integration back into society, motivated and ready to work.


The ReTHINK Possible Mentoring Program is an employment preparation and mentorship program for individuals reintegrating into their communities, post-incarceration. This program is conducted every week and continues after release. It begins four to six months before release with bio-psychosocial assessment and life-skills programming. The program provides concepts, basic principles, and the exploration of self-directed pathways that will aid in the successful recovery and reintegration process.


In addition, ReTHINK Possible provides additional programs that compliment it with needed support, mentoring, and readiness for successful reintegration back into the community. This is an ongoing program that provides the following services both pre and post-release: 


  • Behavioural health & addiction treatment support

  • Holistic Counseling



  • Apply for TCA

  • Child Care Vouchers

  • Food Stamps





  • Housing

  • Rent Assistance

  • Groceries 



  • Clothing - casual everyday clothing as well as interview attire

  • Household and personal care items

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